Old stories from your archives can look and sound new. 

Once your media is digitized, we can bring the sounds and images back to their former glory. All without subjecting your original to repeated handling, or erasing the historical record. 

We can correct underexposure, remove background noise, scratches, flicker, dust, and more.

Our philosophy is to reflect historical accuracy and the intention of the original creator by presenting what the recording would have looked and/or sounded like, if it was played under ideal conditions when it was new. 


What people are saying

"I gave DeBergerac several old 16mm films, one shot in 1922, for digital restoration. I am delighted with the results. They retained the pace of the original film, the action is natural, and tonal gradation is preserved."

Martin Scott, Former Director of Scientific Imaging,
Eastman Kodak Company

"I wanted you to know how meaningful and beautiful the video montage is for us. This tribute to my Mother is a treasure that we will cherish in our years ahead."

Pam Kimmet

"Our old news archive is still relevant. When there is an anniversary, a death, or breaking news with roots in the past, we trust DeBergerac to digitize the reel or tape we need, and to make the footage look and sound its best."

Wendy Bello, Vice President and General Manager,
Channel 8 WROC

"DeBergerac’s expertise in historic film, process, and restoration is continually expanding.
And that passion shows in their work."

Marian Early, Owner,
Custom Photographic Printing