DeBergerac’s unique combination of both restoration and production capabilities lets you combine new and archival sources to tell evocative video stories.

We listen closely to you to understand your story, and then together determine the visual elements — archival and/or new — that will best tell it.

Our mission is to help you achieve your mission, be it to share a legacy, celebrate a milestone, raise funds, or just to create something beautiful.


What people are saying

"The audience applauded each of the videos. Hats off to you for making three very high-quality videos that document our anniversary. You guys are the best!"

Barbara Ficarra, Director, Public Relations,
Highland Hospital

"They clearly see the story behind the story, and show it to the world"

Phyllis Korn, Winner, Farash Prize for Social Entrepreneurship

"From the start Debergerac got it. Intuitively asking the right questions and masterfully pulling the pieces together to produce a video way beyond what I could have imagined."

Meaghan de Chateauvieux, Director,
Willow Domestic Violence Center Rochester

"I watched the reaction to the video in person and it was great. People laughed, they cheered,  and there was huge applause at the end.
It made all of us look like glowing angels."

~ Beth Connell,
Emerge Partners at Cisco