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Local Guide

Listed in the Online Production Guide.

Your project begins with all of us having a conversation, usually over coffee and, preferably, a pastry. We’ll ask you questions such as: What is it you want your audience to learn or do? Who is your audience? What will that audience respond to? Is there any way we can incorporate a helicopter chase scene? And from that conversation we will brainstorm with you the best approach for your video.

Then we’ll have that uncomfortable part of the conversation: the part about budget. To paraphrase a sign from the Highland Park Diner: Good video isn’t cheap; Cheap video isn’t good. We know that even for a large company or institution, a video is a major investment. We will make sure your money is spent wisely and efficiently, and we will look for creative ways to get you the most for your money. For example, for a recent trade show we needed aerial footage of New York. Rather than charter a helicopter, we booked a seat on a sightseeing helicopter. The client was happy with both the results and the savings.

During the shoot, we maintain an atmosphere of relaxed professionalism. Shooting a video is stressful enough without a director shouting orders. We are cognizant and respectful of our surroundings, and try to be as minimally intrusive as possible. We have shot in many hospitals, offices, factories, schools and homes, and brought with us the level of professionalism expected from each of those locations.

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