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This is where all the different pieces- video, photos, graphics, narration, music-all come together to tell your story. Our workflow is HD, digital and tapeless. Our camera records directly to a solid-state media card; that card is read by the computer, and editing can begin immediately.

We have two AVID Media Composer edit systems: one in our edit suite, and one portable system for location editing.

Our edit suite offers our clients a quiet, comfortable environment to work in. We offset the metal and glass of our computer displays with solid maple walls inset with cloth soundproofing panels. You will work at our custom-made maple desk and watch the production unfold on our 55” Samsung HD monitor. You will have WiFi at your desk and a Green Room just down the hall stocked with coffee, spring water, and chocolate we stole from our kids.

Our portable AVID Media Composer system lives in a tricked-out Macbook Pro, making our portable system comparable to our main suite. This means we can set up a complete editing suite in a hotel room, a trade show booth, even a linen closet. (That really did happen.) We recently added a 27″ Thunderbolt monitor to this system, so now our customers have an even bigger view of their project!

To support our post production work, we also have a  Digital Media Lab. In the Lab we can digitize any standard definition tape format for use in our edit suite. This is especially useful when working on a project with footage recorded in the last thirty years. We can also convert 16mm and 35mm film into high-definition media files, so footage from anytime in the last century can be edited today. The Lab is also where we do our audio and video restorations; more on that can be found in our Film Restoration section of our website.

Our facility also has a climate-controlled vault for long and short-term media storage. With a phone call, you have access to your materials. If the media is already digital, we can send them to you on disk, hard drive, or over the Internet. This storage is provided free of charge.

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