DeBergerac Creates Blue Glove Video for Us TOO Rochester

Blue Glove bannerDeBergerac Productions created a short video that captures men affected by prostate cancer living in Rochester NY, and their loved ones.  DeBergerac conceptualized, shot and edited this piece for Patrick Fisher, Chapter Leader of Us TOO Rochester, NY. The video footage was recorded at a Men’s Health Fair conducted at a local mall on Saturday Sept 7, 2013 – also known as: “Prostate Cancer Awareness Day” in Rochester NY.

IMG_3398 Blue Glove Dance sign

The event was attended by members of a local prostate cancer support group [“Us TOO Rochester NY”] who gathered with their care-givers, families, and friends.

For more information about UsTOO Rochester, NY, please visit:

“Be Ok (Acoustic)” by Ingrid Michaelson
courtesy of Cabin 24 Records
copyright 2008 (ASCAP)
Used with permission.

About DeBergerac Productions, Inc.

DeBergerac Productions provides professional production services for filming and video needs. The company produces programs from concept to screen. Services include production management, film or video shooting, editing, writing, directing, graphics (animation), special effects, historical research, restoration and social media.

About Us TOO Rochester NY
Us TOO Rochester NY is not aligned with any single urology office or business. We are an independent 501c3-not-for-profit organization founded ‘by’ survivors, ‘for’ survivors. We believe no man should have to experience prostate cancer alone nor rely on any single source for UNbiased medical information. Educational programs facilitated by medical providers from across WNY are conducted monthly. Resulting discussions help members to be aware of treatment options and enable them to make fully informed decisions no matter where they receive care or treatment. Members also staff information tables at health fairs, visit or talk with other survivors in hospitals or at home, and assemble quarterly to share their personal experience(s) among themselves.
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