Happy (January) 2011!

EstroFest Comedy – “Best of” DVD – these ladies are pretty damn funny !- watch their videos

KZone – CES 2011 – Worked at the Kodak Booth as an editor.

KZone at the Consumer Electronics Show

KZone at the Consumer Electronics Show

My edit space

My edit space - right behind everything!

Reckitt Benkiser Looked at the first rough cut…. and requested a major reworking of the visuals. Then we had 1 week to make the changes.

It’s true  – “Never love an editor”!

Our final deadline for RB was 1/14 at noon. At 11:45am, we got approval-the client loved the video now titled: “It Takes a Winner to be a Champion”.

The film Double Stop – brought to us by Morgan Wesson. We are helping with the restoration of this 1968 production. Shot in Cleveland, this film is being recreated using the only surviving print and the corresponding master positive. Both were transferred to HD files – Apple ProRes Codec. Of course, the MP has more footage in it than the final print. Those old synching skills are coming back!

What I love about the new AVID MCP 5.0 is the AMA files feature-now all I need to do is reference the files using AMA and I’m good to go. No Transcoding. It’s amazing. And rock solid! I played the entire 117 minute film in real time from the Mac Book Pro using this proxy system and it played flawlessly.

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