March 2010

Children’s Film Festival

Made  a new open,compiled dvd for show made copies. Great to work with Ruth Cowing and to donate our time to a good cause.

University of Rochester

Transfers done – looking forward to delivering our transcodes and film files to them. With this work, the material can be used by all students of Frederick Douglass and the Race Movement of the 1960s and still protect the original tapes.

Also for the U of R – rare opportunity to work with the recently donated film collection of John Crabtree. He was a research scientist of the Kodak Research Labs — He was a pioneer in early color and amateur film technology. Although much of it resembled average home movies, Crabtree had access to Hollywood in the 1930’s and took some great shots behind the scenes of several films in production. He also visited Washington DC, Canada, and even took a few plane rides-when the planes were still made out of wood! Some of these scenes were captured in lenticular Kodacolor, which we were able to restore in HD. In fact, we transferred the whole film collection to HD, in hopes to make it assecible to scholars. We donated this work to the University’s Rare Books Dept.

Golisano Children’s Center

We had a great meeting with the Golisano Children’s Center to discuss how we can support them this year with their  2010 Stroll for Kids. So many creative ideas – we can’t wait!

Visit this link to a video we produced for them last year.

Jewish Film Festival

Creating the Festival’s Red Carpet Event tribute for Elliott Gould.  This is a real challenge! When talking to Mr. Gould —  he said that he doesn’t particulary like to look back on his carrer. We’re working on balancing his feelings vs. the audience’s desire to remember his work. We’ll keep you posted!

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