End of 2009 and a Great New 2010

We last left you in August — my, my we have been so bad at this Social Media thing, haven’t we?

So here is a run down of all the things we worked on since then:


Finished the Nancy Wiley edit! Check it out.

To see how she’s using the video to market her book, please visit her website:


We used our new Avid.

Shot with the new HD camera at the NYS Festival of Balloons. Shots were fantastic!


Finished working on the 360 | 365 promo video.

Approached by George Eastman House to begin working on a series of vlog/podcasts. First story was an interview with Jim Healy about the Vampire movie series (podcasts on itunes) “Fangs for the Memories”

The Bennet Group, Inc. — longtime colleague of Bennet group — edited 6 one hour webinars for release in their forthcoming series “Print to Mail Solutions from Concept to Doorstep”.


RSNA in Chicago (Radiological Society healthcare trade show) for Carestream– shooting and editing

Cheshire AV — video and audio editing of segments for a sales meeting for WEG. (Western Electric and Gas)


Springfield, IL for Carestreamnew DRX Evolution – digital radiography — cutting edge to help explain this new product

George Eastman House vlog for Todd Gustason book – Camera: A History of Photography from Daguerreotype to Digital

The Bennet Group, Inc. — We have stepped into Social Media Consulting as a new addition to the business. Helped them understand the use of social media and to create a strategy.

Shooting and editing Estrofest — shows coming coming up in January 2010

Celebrated @ Bocaccinis the 1yr anniversary of our joint venture!

Developing our corporate identity with graphics from Yasmin Jung


As of jan 1, 2010, we are now DeBergerac Productions, Inc.

It is the New Year and we are officially incorporated. We are now the real deal. Although we are still a low key company, we’ve stepped into the bigger leagues by legalizing our partnership.

Also, look for some great HD footage of Vegas and the desert soon on YouTube!

Coming up, look for the new logo, a new and improved website and maybe we’ll catch you all at the Dryden for the Cyrano DeBergerac silent film on 2/16/10.

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous new year!

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