Just came back from a whirlwind trip to NYC! We drove down Friday and drove back Sunday. We did have time to catch a show – with the nearly famous Donna Lynne Champlin — in the Broadway performance of Billy Elliot. Who knew?

Of course we were there to get ourselves a brand spanking new Sony EX3 HD video camera . It’s sweet! This is a solid state camera — no tape — no moving parts — we shoot on SxS Cards. Unbelievable!
We even saw new lighting kits that were LEDs that run on Anton Bauer batteries. Technology…
We also got a new Macbook Pro 17″ 3 GHz processor with 8 GB RAM – naturally we got this 1 week shy of Snow Leopard. But we’ll be able to edit on Avid in the field. In fact, we got this great backpack (Cinebags) that holds the laptop AND the camera and will fit on an airplane. We are MOBILE.
So I guess we are now officially High Def! Now we start upgrading everything else. It occurred to us that all those skills we learned in film classes at RIT are actually coming to play now that we’re going HD.
One funny story from NYC — I wanted to get that camera out and start shooting! We were in Times Square and it was a nice sunny day. I was bummed that we weren’t taking the camera out for a run. Well all of a sudden, people started RUNNING. We’re wondering “what the hell…” just then a HUGE downpour rained down — like a shower was turned on! I guess it was a good thing we didn’t take that camera out after all.
Now we’re back and we’ve got some on going projects that we need to finish up so we can make our upgrades.
The magician came in for a review, so there’s more to cut down on his project.
We’re doing an ad for the Seneca Army Depot Tours — they are adding new tours this fall. We may even get to shoot some arial shots.
Tonight we’re working on Nancy Wiley’s video about the Alice in Wonderland dolls book.
Thanks to everyone who joined us for our First Annual Movie Night! The rain held and it was overall a great event. Thanks to the Cheshires for their sound system (and for the honor of creating your promo videos for your delicious BBQ!). We licensed the movie Cars from Swank. The kids and adults had a great time. I hope to see you there next year!
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