Well it’s been 20 days since my last confession.

We got a very positive response for our video for the Golisano Children’s Hospital Stroll for Kids. They felt it was a strong tool for them to communicate to potential event sponsors!

We have dappled a bit with film transfers and FINALLY were able to transfer about 10,000 feet of film.

Speaking of film, we’ve recently discovered some Colorama footage (great for the doc!) and some very rare K   chrome footage – test film to transfer.

Also we’ve found a pristine copy of Highlights & Shadows of an early sound film from   .

The big thing this week is working on the tribute for Jessica Lange for the Dryden. We tried a different process this time. The challenge – to import cuts from the DVDs to the Avid to create the tribute. This time I just imported them into the Avid instead of converting them on my Mac first. When I went to burn it to a DVD — I got an error message that said all the material was copyrighted! So much for streamlining the process! The remedy – I exported it as a DVD stream and then ran it through Toast to then create a DVD. Took FOREVER though. I thought for sure I was going to be bringing my Avid to the Dryden!

Good news — we are looking into HD solutions — more info very very soon.

We are very close to having a new logo designed by Yasmin Jung.

The Seneca Army Depot doc is still in the works. We are doing more research. Just found out that all Q Areas are designed by one firm and by one guy for all of the USA! (btw – Q Areas are places that held triggers for nuclear bombs.) Anyways, cool military stuff.

Last night we were on video shoot for Nancy Wiley. She wants a sales video for a new book that pictures her handmade 3D dolls of Alice in Wonderland. Really amazing detailed work.

Sorry to be such a stranger — but we’ve been busy cranking along. Look for a special Debergerac Productions treat on our Facebook page coming up this summer!
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