MONDAY, JUNE 01, 2009

Boy — we had a BIG day on Sunday. We were shooting the many events and people at the Golisano Children’s Hospital Stroll for Kids all day. (Thanks to the Cheshires!) It really was something. We were totally blown away by the kids. I just can not imagine what it’s like to be 2 years old and have had dozens of operations already. And yet — the kids still smiled and enjoyed themselves despite whatever life has thrown them. The atmosphere really was one of joy and laughter.

Even the guy from Subway commented to us that out of all the events that Subway donates to, THIS ONE is the one where the people are the most grateful and polite. They say thank you for a napkin or for mustard!

We’re cutting the footage together tonight.

On a lighter note, even though we know the U of R Campus so well — apparently not as well as we thought. We nearly drove the golf cart down a flight of stairs — thought there was a ramp there! Instead we had to drive all the way around to get to where we needed to be. That’ll teach us to think we know everything!

The golf cart we had already had bad luck. I guess some college kids threw it in the river recently. It had been drying out and the seat was falling off. At one point, I asked for another battery for the camera and the back of the seat came off — with about a thousand mosquitoes flying out of it! I guess we should have bug spray in the run bag.

This just in — we’ve been asked to do a tribute for a special guest at the Dryden. Stay tuned!

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