MONDAY, MAY 18, 2009

Wow — what … a … week!

We finished up the tribute — CCH Pounder told me thanks herself. Thank god. We made an appearance at the High Falls Film Festival. We saw Jerusalema and Signs of the Time. Excellent films. We sponsored Jerusalema. Signs of the Time was created by one of my old employers, Crystal Pix, and a fellow RIT Alumni, Don Casper. After a nice dinner at The Little Cafe, and a couple movies, we headed out the the Post Central party. It was great to see everyone again and I got to see my old editing suite. Everyone in town was there!

Took Saturday off.

Sunday — oh boy — U of R commencement. All day. We shot it and then we had to ingest 4 hours of footage into the Avid. You know, sometimes, there are great shoots, and other times, it’s just not happening. Sadly, this felt like one of those days. U of R wanted the completed show that same day.  They needed a very high end flv file. A 4 minute piece took 2 hours to convert to flv! (If anyone has a better method for this process, I’d love to hear it.) Eventually, we got both videos to them and they were very pleased at the results. Check it out.

Also this week, the U of R used the footage we shot at last year’s commencement for this spot on ScienCentral.

So now onto the next project — interviews for the Third Presbyterian Church.
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