Working late on the auction stills for the Eastman House/RPO Gala – Wiz of Oz.

Had a funny thing happen this week. I was setting up my Oz head (also for this weekend’s show), in the Dryden Theatre and doing a sound check to test the video lag time. So I’m talking rather loudly on the mic, it’s booming through the theatre, and I’m getting my mic levels down, when I hear someone laughing hysterically. So I’m thinking — oh man I hope I didn’t say something inappropriate. I run into a friend who works there, and she is laughing so hard that she’s crying.  I’m like — what?! She points to the janitor who fell ASLEEP in the balcony and is SNORING like a chainsaw!
So naturally, I put the mic up to his mouth and let the sounds fill the theatre. The man didn’t even startle. He was out!
I sure hope this gala thing goes off without a hitch. We are totally busting our balls on this. But we do it for George.
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